Friday, January 02, 2009

Explosive success: Loveland entrepreneur's iFartMobile is top-selling iPhone app

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Loveland author and entrepreneur Joel Comm has added a hint of hilarity to this holiday season and likely ensured many iPhone owners will no longer endure Silent Nights, thanks to his newest iPhone application.

Comm announced this morning via Twitter that his iPhone application — iFart Mobile — is the No. 1 paid application at the iPhone store. It sells for 99 cents.

“Yep. We’re No. 1,” Comm said during a telephone interview with

Created after members of the executive team at Comm’s Infomedia Inc. brainstormed new and different applications for the popular iPhone, iFart Mobile features a variety of digital sounds sure to bring smiles to the faces of teenage boys and uncertain girls around the world.

With names like Jack the Ripper, The Wipe out, and Howard the Duck, the application offers a true symphony of sounds. Already there are plans for upgrades to the application to include the Sneak Attack or Fart a Friend options.

“Our executive team is largely male and we just sat around brainstorming the idea,” Comm said. “This is one of those ideas where we were laughing so hard as we talked about it, we knew we had a hit.”

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