Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Luxury at home

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Scott and Melissa Coleman see profit in faded paint, nail holes, and rust stains. Their company, La Puerta Originals, turns antique and reclaimed wood and scrap metal into custom-made doors for high-end homes. More than 6,000 doors, collected from around the world, jostle for space on their four-acre property in Santa Fe, and each slab comes with its own provenance.

"The process for our customers is more involved than simply opening a catalog," says Scott, an architect by training. "I walk with them, take them to the wood, and tell them the story behind it."

A recent La Puerta project - an $8,000 hammered-tin door for a house in Santa Fe - features a metal disc stripped from an antique farming tool that the Colemans found while driving through Mexico's Sierra Nevada.

"The collecting of materials is a passion unto itself," says Scott, whose company pulls in annual revenue of $4.4 million. "There is no piece of wood too small."

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