Monday, November 17, 2008

Voicemail Blasts from Your Computer

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Just after his daughter, Nova, was born in June, Dinesh Singh couldn't wait to tell upwards of 40 friends. But e-mail felt too impersonal, texting too clunky, and making that many calls personally too time-consuming. So Singh used Phonevite to record a message about his new daughter and send it to phone numbers he had entered on Phonevite's Web site.

John Nahm, 34, the company's co-founder, points out that the service isn't limited to birth announcements—it works just as well for last-minute barbecue rain cancellations or practice reminders from Little League coaches. Nahm and Kalvin Kim, 35, both technology startup veterans, launched their San Jose business in mid-2007 with $15,000 of the pair's savings. Although revenue is just $4,000 a month, they secured $600,000 in seed funding last January.

In July the company premiered Phonevite To Go, which enables users to input everything over a phone. Nahm's driving mission? "To make this service dumb simple, for the average Joe."

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