Monday, November 03, 2008

The Craziest Taxi In The World

The Ultimate Taxi was born on Halloween night, 1983, Jon’s vision started modestly with a few flashlights, some dry ice, a Star Trek light on the dash, a good sound system, and some strategically-placed tin foil.

The rest is history. Today Jon Barnes from The Ultimate Taxi bills his cab as the only music studio, nightclub, planetarium, toy store, and Internet taxi on the planet!

It's a rock & roll concert, roller coaster ride, magic show, movie ride, laser light show, and photo shoot.

From the front seat of his 1978 Checker Cab, Barnes orchestrates a sophisticated in-taxi light show, complete with 9 lasers, 14 miniature stage lights, a revolving disco ball, and a $2,000 haze machine.

The ride also includes toys, rainbow glasses, and a photo page on his world-famous web site

Famous celebrities like Ringo Starr, George Lucas, Jimmy Buffet, Clint Eastwood, Bob Dole, Michael Eisner, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Costner are among the many notables who have enjoyed this magical, mystery tour.

In this interview you are going to learn and travel along with Jon as he describes his journey from novice taxi driver in Aspen, providing an entertaining ride, to purveyor of an other worldly, high-tech experience of a lifetime.

You’ll hear how Jon successfully leverages free media attention and his cutting-edge technology to brand an unforgettable experience in the mind of his customers.

You’ll also learn how this not so ordinary taxi diver markets his business using these universal business building lessons…..These are lessons that anyone can use for their own business. For instance how to…

• Develop relationships to build repeat business – Jon made friends with other cabbies, the dispatcher, and cops by helping them meet their needs; he treated customers like friends, giving free rides, leaving the meter off, and knowing where they lived, and where they wanted to go.

• Focus on the unique – instead of just a ride, Jon sells fun and entertainment, always trying to boost his smileage (smiles per gallon). His guarantee: either you have fun or there’s no charge.

• Leverage your core business into multiple revenue streams – the Ultimate Taxi is central to the Trunk Boutique memorabilia, the web site, and media fees.

• And much, much more!

[Via - Mike Senoff]

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