Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hands Off My Beer!

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Simon Hartley, 38, invented the Drink Bouncer - a beer mat which is placed on top of drinks when the customer goes to the toilet or when smokers go outside.

The father-of-three created the mat in June last year and after piloting 24,000 across Teesside, he hopes that there will be national interest at the British Inventors Show at Alexandra Palace next week.

Simon said: “I came up with the idea before the smoking ban came in, though I had been thinking about it for a while.

“It’s to stop pints going missing or being collected when you go out for a cigarette or to the toilets.

“Plus it saves landlords having to replace those pints for free.”

Simon will have his own stall at the show for three and a half days and is hoping that big breweries will sign up to the idea by sponsoring the mats which will then be free to pubs.

He will also be promoting his new website which aims to put kids who grew up in care in touch with each other.

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