Thursday, July 05, 2007

What Works Online And What Doesnt - My Personal Experience.

As a person who makes six figures online (and I don't have any offline income), it's time to talk about personal experience. I'm in the process of creating free closed membership site for people who register with my reflinks, where I can help people and where other members can exchange ideas. Ok, so what works and what doesn't work online?

1. Selling Software.

I've started selling software about three years ago and made close to 200K. You might have heard of my software store - Deprice.Com. If you'd like to make money selling software, here is how you start. See the screenshot with last month earnings below.

2. AdSense

You know, I was a huge AdSense fan, but I am no longer am. It does generate a few grand each year for me, but I am no longer all that excited about it, because there are easier ways to monetize traffic.

3. TLA

TLA works GREAT. I made 1K in less then two month. This screenshot is a bit outdated. By the way, John Chow is a big fan of TLA as well (here is how much he made with TLA last month)

4. Multiple Blogs

Multiple blogs generate a lot of income for me. Besides NicheGeek and Uncommon Business, I have one blog in Russian and multiple "weirdo blogs", like Best Free Documentaries, True Conspiracy, Weird Odd News, The Weird World Of Economics or Passed Out Drunk. I can't tell you the exact numbers (I don't know them myself), but multiple blogs work great as traffic generators.

5. Your Own Services.

I own Services are AWESOME INCOME GENERATORS. I currently have 50 orders my contributors work on - multiply that by $50 per order ($25 of which is my pure income) - you get the picture.


It's my first month with CoProsper, I have not made much money with it yet ($330 as I am writing the post, the screenshot is outdated a bit), but the ROI is shocking, I've made over $330 in commissions on $27 invested in AdSense.

7. Google Cash Type Traffic Arbitrage

Basically, traffic arbitrage is when you buy traffic from Google for 1-5 cents and send it to places like CoProsper Or Copeac with 300-500% profit. It's not that easy (at first), but not all that difficult either. Get this course (I think it's free) if you want to find out more ways to make money with Google.

8. Referral Income From

I've already blogged about Copeac. The great thing about Copeac is that not only you can make a lot of money from the CPA side of this system (over $100 a day without much effort), the referral income is pretty good, too. Last month, for instance, I made close to $900 (see the screenshot)

9. Selling Ads Directly From Your Blogs

I'm no Shoemoney (he makes 6K a month from direct ad sales), but I do make around $500 a month selling ads from my blogs directly to advertisers.

10. ReviewMe.Com

Nothing to brag about, I've made only $200 with ReviewMe

11. Amazon.Com

I make around $150 a month with Amazon.Com, so it's basically a way to get $150 worth of free books each month. Here are books you should be reading.

12. Marketing Infoproducts.

There is a lot of HYPE in this niche. 'You can become a millionoaire, promoting my ebook' style. And I hate hype. I am a pretty good marketeter and a good tester. I'm just starting to understand this niche. What I can tell you is that sites that go after customer e-mail or contact info first (like this one or this one or this one) convert better than infoproducts that go for the sale right away (here is a good example)

I do highly recommend that you get a separate email account and enter your e-mail in every time an infoproduct strikes you as interesting. You'll learn A LOT about real world infoproduct marketing when you do this. Some of the sale pitches you'll get are golden. I belive that infomarketers are the best marketers around.

That's it for today.