Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How To Make Money Helping Others

Hey guys and gals. I need your help. And I will pay you, too. As you know (or don't know) I am the owner of PickyDomains.com. The site has gotten a lot of press over the weekend and, as a result, I am swamped with orders. Currently, me and my contributors work on about 50 orders all at once. That's a major overload.

Here is why I am writing about this. If you register as a contributor (it's free and instantaneous) and suggest a domain name that our client likes and decides to buy - you'll get $25 via PayPal. We have several contributors who make several hundred dollars each month doing just that.

If you are a creative type - you'll like this type of work and it takes only 20-40 minutes a day (you don't need to check domains for availability - our system does it automatically). So if you are good at coming up with domain names and want to make a few hundred dollars - I'd really appreciate your help. Go to PickyDomains.com register as a contributor.

I'm too busy right now, so there is not going to be a "weird business" story today, but you might want to read something from Madconomist.com

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