Saturday, June 23, 2007

How To Make Money From People's "Weirdness"

Giancarlo Capuccio makes three hundred dollars a day, selling his witchcraft course online. This partially free course teaches you to "How to Cast Devastatingly Effective Spells and Rituals With Extraordinary Power by the End of the Week... Even if you don't know the difference between Magic and Magick Yet..." (Are you scared yet?)

Why do people buy courses like that? Giancarlo is sure it's because because "magic works" (he was interested in magic and witchcraft since the age of 8 and has a rather busy 'magic practise' back in Vienna, Austria). But what's the real reason? Is it because we are superstitious? Or because we know that the world is set up not the way science wants us to believe it is?

Giancarlo Capuccio never though he'd be able to make money with witchcraft online, until he met Antoinette Shofranco, a well known Gypsy tarot guru at a conference.

Antoinette taught Giancarlo the basics of 'voodoo business online'. Rule number one is free content. People are all too skeptical and it makes no sense to ask people for money, before they trust you. Rule number two is testimonials. All testimonials have to be real and easily verifiable. And rule number three is upselling.

After a person signs up for a free course, a series of gentle pitches follows for a low cost product. Then other products are being pitched. Finally, a membership is sold (which is a recurring source of income and a holy grail of any online marketer).

The cost of acquiring customers is usually pretty high, so you have to be a darn good marketer to succeed in one of these niches.

If you look around, there are plenty of "weird niches". For instance, this website that gives away free secret of becoming a millionaire. Or take a look at this hypnosis insider website.

Remember, just because it's weird, it doesn't mean you can't make some money with it.

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