Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Pee Hole Locator

Now when nature calls you won't have to leave it hanging. MizPee finds the closest, publicly accessible toilets in the city and rates them by cleanliness for your emergency duck-ins and dashes. Simply access your cell phone's web browser, navigate to or send a text to (415) 350-2290 to receive an SMS link. Then type in your street address or intersection and a list of pleasant potties near you will pop up. Each toilet is rated by cleanliness, so that those who have time to spare can find the most sparkling of the toilets.

Other useful add-ons: MizPee informs parents of bathrooms with diaper-changing stations. The service also checks business hours to make sure the locations are open at the time of your inquiry. A number of businesses are offering promotions through MizPee for when users in the locality have fulfilled bodily demands.

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