Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Using "Shocker Sites" As Traffic Generators.


StripperRant.Com is a perfect example of a "shocker site" that is used as traffic satellite for another site (in this instance, PickyDomains.com). If fact, you can see how good or bad this site is doing its job on Reddit, just press the up arrow and see the number change (got to be a registered Reddit user first).

A "shocker site" is usually a one page website that has provocative content that has a very high pontential for "self-distribution" (that's when site gets on Reddit, Digg, blogs, people talk to each other about it, etc. all on it's own)

So, what's the point?

The point is very simple, quite frankly, to get a lot of traffic for almost zero money (the cost of a one-page shocker is basicaly the price of a domain name - $8.95). Most shockers never manage to get enough traffic for domain registration, but ones that do, easily recoup the cost for all sites.

You can easily create 10 shocker sites in one hour, provided you know where to get some copyright-free "rauchy" content (Wikipedia is great for that).

StipperRant.com is based on a rather funny rant of one San Francisco stripper, sick and tired of her redneck clients and less then perfect co-workers ("Girls--what's with the pole smell? Can we do a little hygiene check? Nothing than worse than twirling around the pole and getting a whiff of stale pussy.").

If you are a young male, you are likely to enjoy the rant a lot (especially since it's totally safe for work). If you are a woman, you are probably wondering - what's so funny?

At the end of the rant, you'll see three links. The first one leads to the primary
(the reason why the shocker was created in the first place), the other two lead to other resources on similar topic (More on the subject - Paying for It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients and The Stripper Diaries).

All three links are used to monetize the site in order to make money on one page shockers.

While one page websites are nothing new, one page shocker is a new technique, used by not too many online marketers. You are welcome to try it out and share your success stories with the readers of this blog.

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