Friday, June 01, 2007

LegalMatch.Com - How To Make Money Bringing Laywers And Clients Together

When Michael Gutman was tired of paying 25 thousand dollars each year for a full page Yellow Pages ad, he thought that there must be an easier way to generate clients.

However, the traditional lead-generation techniques didn't seem to work. People just did not want to call a 1 800 number and leave their contact information.

So he created a LegalMatch system. Anyone can present a case (by answering some simple questions about their legal situation) for free on the LegalMatch Web site without revealing their identity.

Immediately after you present your case, instant e-mail notifications are sent to lawyers in the specific practice area and geographic location you selected. Lawyers then review your case information and where you need legal help, but are not shown your identity until you select an attorney and agree to provide this information. When a match is made, LegalMatch charges an attorney, but the service is ablolutely free to clients.

The best part of LegalMatch system is its feedback mechanism. When presented with a list of available lawyers in the area, one can see how good or bad a particular lawyer is (or rather how happy or unhappy lawyer's past clients were with the service).

LegalMatch has grown into a multimillion dollar business just on this simple idea. And that's an excellent result, no matter how critical of a judge you are.

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