Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Copeac.Com – How To Make Money With CPA Networks

This month, I’m going to break $3000 benchmark with (which I really started playing around with only two months ago), so I figured I’d share a few tips on making money on the internet with CPA networks, like As you see, I’m linking to Copeac with my reflink. I’m going this for two reasons – first, any person who registers using this link will be able to get help from me (all you need to do is mention your Copeac ID) and I’ll tell you which campaigns make most money for me. Second (more important reason), you’ll get a 14% higher payouts right away, rather then having to make $1000 in commissions first.

OK, what’s a CPA network? CPA stands for “cost per action”. While most affiliate networks pay only for purchases and AdSense pays per clicks, CPA networks pay per “action”. An action may be a filled out form, an e-mail registration, a request for a brochure, a phone number, etc. My average pay out is anywhere between $1.45-$8.00 per such an action.

Here is a real example how Copeac works. Click this link
and you'll be taken to Shawn's Casey website. You probably remember me profiling him recently. Shawn is giving away free internet marketing software. All he wants in exchange is your name and e-mail. Every time a person fills out an e-mail from, I get $1.30. As simple as that.

It's important to not that you can not (under any conditions) artificially inflate the number of opt-ins, but it's not necessary. Every time I run an article about Shawn I get about 50 dollars. People are all too happy to exchange their e-mail addresses for free software. Especially since my blog caters to the right crowd.

Some offers pay as high as $20 per lead. For exmaple this one. The high-paying offers are usually very specific (this one deals with military personnel only) and geotargeted to US only (some offers are exclusive to UK or Canada). All international traffic in this instance is re-routed.

But the best thing about CPA networks is that you can make MUCH MORE money not from your webiste, but from AdWords ads. My current ROI on Copeac ads that I run on Google is anywhere between 300% and 800% (it means for every dollar I spend on AdWords I get 3-8 bucks from Copeac). If you are interested in knowing more about that side of the business, make sure you drop me a line after your register with Copeac - there are a lot of little tips and tricks I'd like to share.