Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How To Make Money With Text Link Ads


Chances are, you've already heard of Text Links Ads (TLA). Several bloggers reported that TLA makes them more money than AdSense. For instance, last month John Chow has made $1352 from Text Link Ads from his blog, while AdSense income for the same website is 'only' a thousand dollars. I've tried TLA ten days ago and has made $200 so far. I've also recently added TLA to my discounted software shop DePrice.Com

TLA has one major advantage over all other traffic monetizing tools. It does not require clicks or purchases. You get paid simply for placing links on your website. Here is a very cool tool you should check out, it shows how much money you can make with TLA - TLA Link Calculator. Try plugging in http://uncommonbusiness.blogspot.com (I've actually added this blog to TLA database, but still haven't added the code yet because it requires some tech expertise I don't have).

A single link from this blog gets me $41 a month. You can put up to 12 links. Do the math. However, selling links from sites or blogs you currenly own, isn't the best tactics.

The best tactics is buying PR4-5-6 domains, websites and blogs and monetizing them from TLA. It's a perpetual money making machine. You can buy a PR5 domain for $150. You'll need to put up a pretty page to attract advertisers and to make sure that Page Rank is real and not pumped up artificially.

Because TLA pays via PayPal once a month, you can easily reinvest money in new websites or buy links for your projects to increase PR. The higher page rank, the better TLA will pay you. As simple as that.

Also, take note of the fact that TLA is running a promotion - $100 in FREE Links