Saturday, May 12, 2007

How To Make $100,000 A Year, Setting Up Murder Mystery Parties

David Wachtendonk makes over $100,000 a year with murder mystery parties. His company, Murder Mystery Maniacs (don't you love this name) sets up "murder parties" for families, corporations, teens and adults. Dave also sells scenarios for parties as well as creates custom murder mystery plots. A typical scenario is about 8 dollar per person involved in a party.

Here is a plot for "American Idol" murder mystery (one of the most popular choices)

We kill Simon Cowell. Do we need to say more! You’re at a prestigious Theatre in Hollywood shooting the hit television show "American Icon". The program pits participants against each other to see who can be the last singer voted off the show. Some of you are here as contestants, and some of you are here as the cast and crew. Simon Fowell is the mean judge, creator, and owner of the production company “Simon Works”. Approximately two weeks into shooting Simon demanded everyone involved in the project show up to a mandatory meeting. You heard from the other contestants, cast, and crew that Simon was going to reveal important news about the show.

A scream rang out. Simon Fowell was found dead in the middle of his ransacked dressing room and pronounced dead from a gun shot wound. One of you is the killer and the rest of you need to find out who it is. When you have found someone with a motive, a gun, and who was near his dressing room, then you may have discovered the true killer.

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Oh, and this is pretty funny as well:

Man Who Faked Retardation To Get Disability Checks Gets Prison, Has To Repay $59,226

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