Sunday, May 06, 2007

How ReviewMe.Com Can Make You Rich With Almost No Effort On Your Part

If you have not heard of, you are living under a rock. ReviewMe is currently the smartest way to advertise on the net, as well as to make money as a blogger. For instance, last month, John Chow has made $4500 from

Now, if you take a close look at John's blog and browse through ReviewMe reviews, you'll find out that a good deal of these reviews were written by Michael Kwan and not John Chow (this does not violate ReviewMe TOS in any way, it's perfectly OK).

Apparently, I was not the only person who noticed that. Several bloggers took this further. These individuals buy blogs that have OK Page Rank and Alexa ranking but have not been updated for a while (after all, a majority of all blogs end up being abandoned), bring them back to life, add to ReviewMe database and then hire cheap Indian writers on to write a paid review for them for a fraction of what they get from ReviewMe when the order comes in.

Here is the math. You can buy an unwanted blog for 100 bucks EASILY, especially if it's a free blog hosted on Wordtracker, Blogspot, Typepad, etc. How much does ReviewMe charge for a review posted on a "free" blog with Alexa rating around one million (meaning very little traffic)? See for yourself - sixty bucks. ReviewMe pays half to publishers, while you can hire an indian freelancer to write a review for your for 5-10 dollars (and they will by quite happy too). It's even more fun when you have decent Page Rank and Alexa ranking and get $100-$250 per review through ReviewMe.

So if you have any abandoned blogs, bring 'em back to life, register at ReviewMe and outsource all the writing. When you are successful at doing this with one blog, start acquiring other blogs. Good luck.

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