Monday, November 12, 2012

Cool Marketing Tools - Applander Review

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For an Internet marketer or anybody who understands how building rapport on the Internet is done, landing pages - also known as landers or lead capture pages - are crucial and perhaps the most powerful online marketing tools. Landing pages, generally speaking, are single web pages appearing in response to clicking on an ad and are usually sales copies and/or extensions of the advert. Internet marketers analyze activities generated by linked URLs and through click-through and conversion rates determine whether an advertisement is a success or a failure.

LanderApp, or simply Lander, is perhaps the simplest and most user-friendly landing page creation tool available today. To create a landing page that gets the job done, all you need to follow are three easy steps: design, publish and improve.

Design. Designer or not, whatever your conversion goals are, Lander provides layouts for you to choose from and customize. If none of the layouts fits your design needs, you have the option to create your own layout from scratch. Lander's easily navigable and intuitive design tool that employs the drag-and-drop method allows you to create sign-up forms, video widgets, call-to-action buttons and a whole lot more.

Publish. Once your landing page is created, you're ready for the big preview. And once you feel it's ready to go live, all you need is go back to the control dashboard and click "Publish."

Improve. Since landing pages are all about lead conversions, if the page is not converting the way you envisioned it to, you can use this well-known ninja trick among Internet marketing experts, the A/B test tool, where you create and design up to three versions of the landing page. Make changes to text, layout, images, widget, call-to-action buttons, and make decisions based on the split-test feedback you generate real-time.

Subscription fees are based on the number of visits your w ebsite generates on a monthly basis. If your site has a maximum of 500 visitors, Lander is yours to use absolutely free. The paid subscription starts at 1,500 visitors at $25 per month. You can also try the app now for free and upgrade later, depending on your needs.

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Daily Advice Link - How I Increased Sales 350% With Press-Releases