Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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In July of this year, the death of a Taiwanese teen after playing Diablo 3 for 40 straight hours made headlines that shocked the world. Two weeks ago, on a more pleasant note, Business Insider reported that social game Farmville 2 by Zynga, a publicly-traded game app developer, was ready to cross 50 million users shortly after its September 5 launch – clear evidence that online games can be quite addictive, which can, when left unchecked, unfortunately prove fatal for some.

Mike Tinney, former president of CCP Games North America, an online gaming company known for the massive multiplayer game EVE Online, recently launched his new startup called Fitness Interactive Experience or FIX, which aims to make fitness accessible, fun and enjoyable – yes, just like a game. Gamification, or the use of video game procedures and mechanics to achieve goals even in non-game scenarios, is a growing trend.

Based in Atlanta, the company plans to launch its first gamification title, UtiliFit, in a closed beta test in December, and then an open beta test in January. The project’s advisers include Monte Cook, a renowned role-playing game designer who once worked on Dragons & Dungeons, Tim Church, an expert on preventative medicine and exercise and Reynir Hardarsson, CCP’s founder.

UtiliFit aims to bring more gaming into digital fitness to help its users control what they eat and increase physical activity. The app will score its users based on how well they do. It can even rank them competitively against their friends, if they want to. In essence, it’s like a massive multiplayer online game cum cross-training.

The U.S. Department of Health recommends a daily exercise of at least 30 minutes five days a week, but less than 3% of Americans actually follow the recommendation. The company is targeting gamers and non-gamers alike and has so far seen early fo othold in the corporate wellness and casual fitness space.
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