Monday, June 04, 2012

Yuhuhu.Com Review

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Nowadays, photo editing is an “in” thing. A lot of people enjoy cropping, enhancing and applying all sorts of techniques to enhance their photos, inasmuch as every photo has a story to tell. Best of all, these can be done through a selection of photo editing software, free or otherwise, that’s available to just about anyone on the web.

The name may not say much and the tagline – the only place for social pins – a little obscure, is a cross between an online photo editing freeware and a social media platform like Pinterest. Notwithstanding the outright confusion (as there is no About page), what’s remarkable about this site is the simplicity of the interface and the relative ease of navigation. Here are some the basic steps:

1. Choose the thumbnail of the image you want to include in your photo. That can either be a bear with a plush heart, an outstretched hand with a bouquet of flowers, grapes, a cat sleeping in a box, and a few others.
2. Select the position/variation of the photo effect, either lower left-hand side or lower right-hand side.
3. Upload your photo.
4. Do some editing, if needed.
5. Finally, once you’re done, click go and your edited photo should be available for download.

At step #4 above, however, everything started to get really tricky. As there aren’t any instruction manuals, figuring out how to go about the horizontal and vertical layouts was quite a challenge. And for a photo editing software (if indeed it is), doesn’t have much photo effects. The choices are very limited, all contained in a single page and a little too girly to begin with.

On the upper right-hand side of the page are three tabs – Home, Register and Login. Since I was already at the Home page and I didn’t have any login credentials yet, the next logical course of action was to register. I was asked to provide a username, a password and my e-mail address. After hitting register, boom, I came up with a PHP error that left me wondering what in the world just happened.

When I tried registering again, thinking I just bumped into some kind of a glitch, it turned out I was already registered. What was even more disappointing was discovering that the features available to me as a registered and unregistered user were basically one and the same, leaving me to conclude I just wasted my time registering.

To compete with other established photo editing freeware and/or social media platform, still has much to work on.

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