Monday, June 04, 2012

Cool Apps - KidneyDiet

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Two years ago, Lynne Sanditen was waiting in line, deciding whether to order a meal of green beans or mashed potatoes for her father who had kidney disease. She thought, something had to be done to solve this problem. That very moment, the KidneyDiet idea was born.

In order not to have to undergo dialysis, which, in the absence of a kidney transplant, is a lifetime procedure, many kidney disease sufferers have to track and change their eating habits.

A technology marketing expert by profession, Sanditen launched Boulder-based Pain Free Living and worked with software code experts, independent contractors and nutritionists to create the KidneyDiet mobile app to help end users monitor their intake of potassium, protein, phosphorus and other nutrients. With KidneyDiet, users either scroll through a list of food items or type in the items to determine their nutritional value. The app conveniently allows them to analyze and track what they eat to ensure they are following their doctors’ recommendations.

The app is being sold for $5 in the Apple Store and is also available for Android devices.

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