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One of the issues plaguing the Internet since its inception has been online piracy. SOPA and PIPA and others before them have come and gone, and there will be others that are sure to follow suit, all with one aim - to put an end to piracy.

If you're a music lover and one who loves to download mp3 tracks from the Internet, there's a chance this piracy issue has already crossed your mind. Well, worry no more because, an online music store, is dedicated to providing the music enthusiast in you with portable music from your favorite artists, at the same time ensuring these artists receive the support they deserve. In plain terms, downloadable tracks provided at the music store are all legal. Guilt-free downloading guaranteed and the average track price is only 15 cents per track.

mp3mixx’s vast library of music includes albums, songs and artists ranging from rap to heavy metal to jazz and everything else in between, Billboard hits to relatively unknown indies, music by Green Day to Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga to Shakira. And if you’re looking for songs from yesteryears or music by older artists like John Coltrane or Miles Davis, mp3mixx’s diverse collection lets you have these classic favorites at an affordable price.

Why mp3 and not some other audio format, you might wonder. It’s because this format is the de facto standard for majority of music players nowadays. And if you have good equipment – earphones, headphones, speakers – to play your music on, mp3mixx can help you find your favorite songs and keep your playlist going on and on and on.

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