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When entrepreneurs discover a gap, they normally bridge it with a startup. And that is what Victoria Oldridge, the “mompreneur” behind social networking startup MoxTree did. MoxTree came into existence out of her desire to connect and vent about the trials and difficulties brought about by motherhood and the immense disparities in moms’ social groups. As soon as Victoria realized the huge gap in age, lifestyle and location in the mothers, she thought there has to be another way to connect the women more competently.

Baby Moxtree is a network that connects mothers based on their common interests (careers, goals, hobbies, philosophies, etc.) and stages of motherhood. The network also allows moms to form groups (book, fitness, professional networking, etc.), provides them with tools to help them find other moms they are compatible with near them and the freedom to put their mom-friends and interests in a single place. MoxTree is looking at the total modern woman and makes it easier for her to connect with like-minded moms.

So far, instead of getting involved in accelerator programs with the hope of obtaining venture capital funding, Victoria is bootstrapping the project. This decision stems from her desire to take personal risk and have control over the project’s rate of development. Bootstrapping, according to her, is middle ground for the work, family and life balance she’s looking to achieve.

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