Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dudepins Review

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Women love Pinterest. As of February 2012, women users are 80% of the total Pinterest population. Given this stat, Pinterest is still seen as a chick's site. Now, two Vancouver dudes, namely Colin Brown and Kamil Szybalski, have decided to create Pinterest's love interest: Dudepins, a startup that shares male-oriented content.

Dudepins is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is sign up, edit your profile, upload an image of you and you're ready to create a montage. Now, why the name Dudepins? The answer is pretty obvious. The co-founders felt "dude" was representative of male-oriented content, and "pins" was synonymous to content sharing.

When asked what inspires them, Colin pointed out the passion of others, prompting him to love the startup culture where a day is never the same and success is directly proportional to a person's decision and execution. Kamil, on the other hand, gets his inspiration from challenges, stress and results. He added he couldn't imagine himself spending his working hours outside of the startup environment.

Major emphasis on customer satisfaction is what makes Dudepins special. This is because Colin and Kamil want users to feel part of a community. The two founders are always accessible via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail to address user concerns. Dudepins is a self-funded venture.

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