Friday, June 15, 2012

10 Cool Free Business/Productivity Tools You Should Know About

1. - Bitrix24 is a new startup that offers free sales/collaboration/productivity to small businesses. If your company has fewer that 12 employees, you get free CRM, free project manager, free file sharing/document manager, free calendar and other free goodies.

2. - As the name implies, GotFreeTax is a free online faxing service, which lets you fax 3 pages for free to any fax number in US or Canada.

3. - Free To-Do list, iPhone and Android support.

4. - This online accounting SaaS that offers unlimited invoices and expense tracking as part of free plan for small businesses.

5. - This free low airfare meta searchengine searches through 700+ airlines to find best deals normally available through direct purchase on airline sites only (to combat price comarison services, airlines oftentimes reserve lowest prices only to own websites). Very handy if your business requires frequent travel.

6. - Free press-release distribution service.

7. Weebly.Com - Free website creator. Does not require any technical experties.

8. PickyDomains.Com - This one isn't free, but rather risk-free (naming service). If you need a cool domain name, product name or slogan, PickyDomains charges you ($50), but only if you decide to use one of their suggestions. If you don't like anything, you don't pay anything, hence risk-free.

9. Join.Me - Join.Me is a cool free webcast/webconference service that allows you to do free webcasting for 4 people.

10. - Kolab is free open source e-mail/workplace collaboration plaform. It's a little ugly and takes some technical expretise, but hey - free is free.

This is a guest post by Dmitri Davydov. Dmitri blogs at, a website where unusual business ideas and new cool startups are posted every day.