Friday, May 18, 2012

Subscription Based Startups - Citrus Lane

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Citrus Lane is a new startup that specializes in 'care packages' for the parents. It uses the same business model as LittlePassports (or Dollar Shave Club that raised over a million dollars) , so the company essentially handpicks products for children based on recommendations from parents, then ships them off in theme packages each month.

The boxes are filled with four to five products tailored to the child's age, from newborn to 3 years old. For example, last December's theme box, "Home for the Holidays," included a comfort-grip cookie cutter, organic body lotion and a fuzzy baby hat from baby clothing company Zutano.

For soon to be parents, Citrus Lanes offers a special 'pregnancy box' that comes with organic lotions and tummy rubs, foot petals, specialty candy bars and Amy Tara Koch's famous Bump It Up style guide for pregnant women, among other things.

The service is $25 a month (less for a six- or 12-month package), and shipping is always free. If you are intersted in using advanced business models for your web-based business (subscription, freemium, risk reversal, etc.) I recommend you read Web 2.0 and Beyond: Understanding the New Online Business Models, Trends, and Technologies

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