Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Travel Startups - JetRadar.Com

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Over the past 10-20 years, air travel has been significantly transformed by two kinds of innovation - lowcost airlines and online ticket sales. Both have greatly reduced how much we pay for the plane ticket and drove airlines that could not adapt to the new reality out of business.

JetRadar is a new startup that continues this innovation, trying to make cheap airfare even cheaper. Without a doubt you've already heard of Expedia, CheapFlights, Orbitz or any other online ticket seller that allows you to find the lowest price possible of getting from point A to point B by air. What you don't know is that the cheapest tickets aren't usually available through such services. Airlines don't like customers price-shopping, so they make the best deals available through there own sites only, trying to condition their customers that they should visit their (airline's) corporate portal and not price comparison websites where client may get lost to a rival airline.

So what JetRadar does (and what other don't do) is the following - it combs through exclusive deals available through 35 agencies and 728 airlines and adds this information to the publicly available data. This way you can find the absolutely cheapest price available, without having to search through individual airline websites one by one.

JetRadar founders have originally tested the idea on smaller regional markets, and quickly found themselves dominant cheap airfare retailers there (the company operates under a variety of different regional brands, like AviaSales.Ru in Russia), so a decision has been made to open additonal regional offices in Thailand and Hong Kong, as well as to launch central worldwide portal that would directly compete with the biggest cheap airfare providers in 2012.

If JetRadar is successful, these cheap airline tickets are about to get even cheaper.

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