Sunday, October 02, 2011

How Atomic Lead Extractor Can Help Marketing Specialists?

What are the responsibilities of a marketing specialist? They plan, design and execute marketing campaigns that are meant to help the company increase their sales. They do market research and prepare reports about new products and new trends on the market. They also analyze effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and do lots of other routine work. Those who have first-hand experience with marketing know that the most tiresome and time-consuming task is searching for new contacts, creating a database of potential clients and partners. The time spent on these tasks can be used for a more creative work.

I know that marketing specialists hate such boring tasks as searching for new contacts! There are quite a few ways to automate it and Atomic Lead Extractorseems to be a very good solution. With this software sales staff and marketers can improve their efficiency and let the software find contact information of prospects and partners. Atomic Lead Extractorcan find and save email addresses, phone numbers, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, AIMandICQ usernames.

One way to use the software is to enter the URL of the website(s) you are interested in and have Atomic Lead Extractor scan them for contact information. You can also enter some keywords and the software will use search engines to find websites that match your query and then quickly extract the data you need.

Atomic Lead Extractor will be a good help for everyone who is interested in finding new partners and customers. With this software marketers can avoid manual search for information on the web. Since the process is automated it will take minutes and not hours.

With this product you can find clients for any business, for examples, an online shop, a café, hotel, real estate agency or a car wash. Imagine you opened a coffee bar and want to attract new clients. With Atomic Lead Extractor you can gather information about the registered users of your city forum and then send mass emails or bulk SMS inviting them to visita new place in their city. The key is to offer a promo code so that your message is perceived as valuable and you could track results.

The software can export the collected data to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, text files or clipboard. In case you need more information about the prospect you can see the address of the page where each contact was found.

You can receive more information about Atomic Lead Extractorand download a demo on the vendor’s website.