Sunday, September 25, 2011

IconWanted.Com - The Search For Free Icons Is Over


IconWanted.Com is a new cool startup that just might become world’s favorite destination for free icon seekers. As the name implies, is a free icon search engine and directory and guessing from the 10000+ member Facebook community and 1000 followers on Twitter, the site is quickly catching on with designers. utilizes smart search technology for its icon search. For instance, if you need an icon for your play button, you can enter "play", "start", "play button", "run", "go", "execute" and you’ll get the desired result every time.

Currently designers, when looking for free icons, have to visit multiple websites and do multiple searches. Many sites don’t index their icon collections, simply providing names for the icon sets. IconWanted allows both icon creators and non-authors add new free icons and implements strict moderation process, during which all icons are properly labeled and categorized, their free status is verified and old low quality icons are weeded out.

All icons and icon sets are rated one to five stars by users, which further simplifies search, showing which sets and icons are most popular among designers. The directory classifies icons according to purpose (“Games”, “Mobile”, “Social Network”), date of addition, popularity, by designer or in alphabetical order. Also, icons can be browsed by tag, since all icons are tagged during addition. The search can then be further refined by size or desired technical parameters. New icons are added daily.

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