Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BatesExpress.Com - Bates Numbering Software

BatesExpress is a new startup that develops electronic Bates numbering software thatautomates applying Bates stamps in law offices, hospitals, governmentalagencies and other places that rely on Bates numbering system. Invented in 1892and named after Bates Manufacturing Company it has since become a defactostandard for the US legal industry, as many courts will not accept documents,unless they are properly Bates numbered.

Stampingand numbering documents by hand, as practiced in most offices today, is a long,tedious and expensive process, when considering how much time is spent by paralegalsand office managers on this task daily. With Bates Express software, proper stampsare applied automatically to e-mails, images, PDF, Word and HTML documents.

Thesoftware comes with a set of pre-defined most commonly used stamps, but alsohas an option for easy customization of texts and images. And while bigcorporations like Adobe charge thousands for their Bates automation software,Bates Express offers pricing as low as $20 per one seat. The software is alsoavailable for a free 30 day evaluation and can be downloaded