Friday, May 01, 2009

Crazy Business Ideas - WeShootBottles.Com

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The pro photography scene might be in for a revival, thanks to a Yorkshire-based studio with a razor-sharp focus and web-based approach. Their name says it all: We Shoot Bottles. The studio takes photos of everything from gin to fabric softener. As long as it’s a bottle, they’ll take a professional shot of it for GBP 30 or less.

It’s all done remotely: clients send bottles to We Shoot Bottles' office, where they're shot at high resolution by a professional photographer. After a bit of re-touching to get rid of scrapes and scratches, a cut-out path is created for the client to either use in print or web design, allowing for professional-looking white or coloured backgrounds. Finally, the images are uploaded to the Bottle Bank, where clients or their designers can access them. Or, if preferred, a cd-rom can be sent through the post.

Everything on offer is straightforward and to-the-point, from the studio’s process and copy–a single-page site says everything in around 150 words—to pricing. In contrast to most traditional studios, prices are disclosed upfront—appealing to time- and money-strapped solopreneurs who need professional services at start-up prices, and saving the studio the hassle of preparing individual quotes. We Shoot Bottles was launched earlier this year as a side project for Red Photography Ltd. One to expand on in other regions, and for other product categories?

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