Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Niches That Pay - Adult Dating

Hi there, boys and girls. If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, you gonna love this series, because in it I honestly tell you which affiliate niches generate most money for me.

Adult dating is hot, hot, hot. You know that sex sells, don't you? Why do people visit dating websites? To get some, naturally. Just for the record, adult dating sites are not pornsites, they are absolutely legal, don't infect users with viruses or malware, don't get involved with credit card scams and have no search engine restrictions.

The best thing about adult dating websites that a great majority of them pay you for free registration - not membership sale. It means that conversions are a lot higher, when compared with sites that actually charge membership fees.

How do you get traffic? I use two techniques. The first one is the "sexfacts method". Do research, find some interesting facts and use them as anchors for your affiliate links. Did you know, for example, that 48% of women admitted to faking an orgasm? Or that Eastern Europeans (Hungarians, Bulgarians, and Russians) are the most sexually active?

You get the picture, right? (Please note that this approach doesn't work well with mobile bases services, like this one)

The second approach is PPC based. A word of warning, while it may sound logical, do not bid on terms "dating", "adult dating", "sexy personals", etc. They are way overpriced and you most likely will lose money. Instead, bid on generic terms that may be of interest to men or women and try to get creative with your ad text. Here are some examples:

I am lonely,
I am very horny, and I live
20 miles away from here.


99% Of Women Would Never
Agree To A One Night Stand.
I Am In The 1% Zone.

This approach works great with Google's context side (AdSense).

If you'd like to know my personal story about how I got into affiliate marketing, please read this article.

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