Thursday, December 20, 2007

Money In Domains

Looking for a cool domain name, but can’t think of one yourself? Think all the good domains are already taken? You’ll love

Here is how it works. You deposit $50 and give us your specifications. Our contributors start submitting their domain name suggestions. When you see that perfect domain, you just register it. If none of our suggestions worked for you – you just get your money back. See, there is no risk involved.

How good are we at picking cool domain names? We are awesome. Go ahead and Google ‘’. Read what major US newspapers like The San Francisco Chronicle have to say about us. Read testimonials. Talk to people who’ve used our services before. Our celebrity client list includes Aaron Wall of SEOBook, Wendy Piersall of eMomsAtHome and Yanik Silver.

If you are new to PickyDomains, here are detailed instructions. After you deposited $50, we need to know your answers to these questions:

1. What is your site going to be about.
2. Does the domain name has to be in .COM zone or other extensions are desirable.
3. What keywords are critical for your domain name.
4. Is there a limit as to how long your domain name has to be (in
5. Dashes or no dashes.
6. Give us an example of existing websites in your niche that you really like.

Once we get answers to these questions, we’ll send you an e-mail with your login and password. You’ll start receiving your domain name suggestions within 24 hours (sometimes as fast as 10 minutes).

Your job is to check suggestions periodically and mark them as ‘Liked’ or ‘Disliked’ to help our contributors. We will soon add an option that allows you to comment each domain name suggestion, if you choose.

Once you see that perfect domain name suggestion, simply mark it as ‘Picked’. This will complete your order (we’ll forward $25 to a contributor who made the winning suggestion).

Rarely a client doesn’t get a name that he or she really likes. But this does happen from time to time. All you do in this instance is simply close the order and ask as for refund.

Like we promised, it’s risk-free, fast and it works!

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