Thursday, April 05, 2007

How To Make Money Stitching Hoodies

When most teen girls can’t find anything to wear they ask mom for a credit card and hit the mall. But when 18-year-old Ali Madigan had nothing to wear, she decided to make a sweatshirt out of some spare fabric. She never imagined that the sweatshirt would turn into her own line of trendy casual hoodies, dubbed “Boozey” after her childhood nickname.

Her handmade hoodies feature bright colors such as yellows and details such as purple pinstripe cuffs, red zippers and a floral lining in the hood.

To get her clothing line some exposure, Madigan reached out to Stunna, a member of the rap group the Wolfpack, best known for the single “Vans.” Madigan did her magic with needle and thread and graciously gave one of her treasured hoodies to Stunna. He wore it, and the rest is history. Cha-ching!

Since the clothing is handmade, a sweatshirt sells for $200 and up, depending on the design. “In the next few months I’m going to focus on getting my product in a store and in about two months or less, should be up. I’ve already bought the domain,” Madigan says.’

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