Friday, March 30, 2007

How To Get Business License Online

Anyone who has tried to register a business in a small town while living halfway across the country will understand the appeal of Business Licenses (

The company, based in Airmont, N.Y., lets users download, file and store any of about 28,000 federal, state and local license and permit applications for sites around the country.

Users pay $19.99 to download an application, an additional $19.99 to get the surrounding documents (regulations, laws and the like), and $49.99 if they want to file and archive the license online.

According to co-owner David Polatseck, the 55-employee company has more than 10,000 small-business customers and makes about $2 million a year, a number that he expects will rise quickly if he can sign up more large clients (he currently has 50). "Real profits will come when we're out there in the corporate world," he says. 10 Awesome Startups You’ve Never Heard About

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