Monday, December 18, 2006

Weird Franchises Part I

Like the idea of owning your own graduate recruitment and sales training franchise from the company that secures the very best pre-screened candidates and then offers you both immediate commissions plus revenue share for life on sales of training modules? That's the formula that has attracted five new regional franchisees in the last 12 months and, according to founders Jonathan Fitchew and Andrew Sawer, they have only just scratched the surface.

You may be wondering about the name. Pareto Law has nothing to do with solicitors. The company takes its name from the economist Vilfredo Pareto who first coined the 80/20 rule that, in today's business context, says that 80 per cent of a company's revenue comes from 20 per cent of the sales force. Pareto Law aims to give organisations in a whole range of market sectors those top 20 per cent performers by a combination of rigorous assessment, selection and training - taking the gamble out of recruitment in sales and marketing.

As the first five franchisees have already found, revenue from placement of graduates is high margin and good cash flow. Pareto Law clients tend to be blue chip companies, offering repeat business and healthy finances. The real joy of owning a Pareto Law franchise is the ability to sell additional services such as sales training programmes, which have the potential to grow as you develop your relationship with your clients.

With a portfolio of graduate recruitment and sales support and training products that add depth and value to all your client relationships you can build a business that has real long-term value rather than one that goes back to square one at the start of the next month.

How do you find all these top graduates? You don't. Pareto Law looks after all the headache of advertising, interviews, assessment and selection. Pareto Law also delivers, on your behalf, the graduate training that is integral to the value proposition.

As a franchisee, you benefit from a recruitment and selection machine that has proved its worth over time, with high levels of repeat business. You also benefit from Pareto Law's £1 million investment in training facilities and specialist trainers in London and Manchester - all available to help develop your business.

Prospective franchisees will be required to invest £37,000 initially and have available up to £32,000 start-up and working capital provision for one franchised territory.

But in return, you will be able to select two recently-trained Pareto Law graduates to form part of the initial team, as well as receiving training on all aspects of running a franchise through a detailed Operations Manual which is yours for the duration of your trading licence.

The best franchisees will be those who are prepared to grow the business and reputation within their territory and attain excellent service levels. That's how your wealth will grow, with realistic £100,000 plus earnings and almost limitless growth potential. The secret formula? A very effective combination of your determination and effort, and our systems and support. It's a Partnership for Permanent Profit.

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