Friday, December 15, 2006

How To Make Money Selling Oversized Bows

Lynda King Story

Whether it be a luxury Lexus or clunker from the classifieds, the gift of a car just isn't the same without a big bow on top of the hood. That was Lynda King's thinking when she started King Size Bows five years ago, after she was unable to find a bow for a car she bought for her teenage daughter's birthday.

"People always ask about it," King said. "People always wonder about it, where they come from. It's every wife's fantasy to run outside and find a new car with a big bow on it."

The idea stayed in the back of King's mind for a while, and after consulting with some of her area car dealers, she began developing a bow that would ship and assemble easily. This year, she expects her Newport Beach, Calif.-business to sell about 15,000 to 20,000 bows, which sell for $48 each and come in a variety of designs.

Many of the bows go to car dealerships, especially Lexus dealers, which feature even larger bows in their holiday advertising.

The company also sells the bows to real estate agents, who put them on doors of homes before handing the keys over to new owners, and big screen TV stores. Individuals can also order the bows through the company's Web site,, she said.

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