Sunday, December 10, 2006

How To Make Money With Mobile Pet Grooming

Dennis Gnetz Story

For Dennis Gnetz, president and owner of Wag'n Tails, a mobile pet grooming unit manufacturer that sells converted RVs outfitted with pet bathing, shampooing, and drying facilities, being in the pet care business is quickly becoming a family tradition. His parents owned a brick-and-mortar groomer in the 1970s, and they even started a school to train others in their techniques. Since Wag'n Tails launched in 1997 (Gnetz joined two years later), the business has sold more than 1,000 mobile grooming units, each containing a power generator, water tanks, heating and cooling, and hot water.

The business works like a franchise, encouraging would-be entrepreneurs to become professional groomers, buy the vehicles, and turn them into their mobile business. The main difference is that there are no franchise fees or royalty fees. And becoming a Wag’n Tails operator has relatively low entry costs: $5,000 for grooming school training and a $5,000 down payment on a mobile unit. Gnetz says owner/operators can net between $50,000 to $100,000 per year. The company has grown exponentially in the past six years, and about 30% year-on-year for the past two years, he says.

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