Saturday, September 23, 2006

How YOU Can Make $500,000.00 or More a Year in the Music Industry by Doing it Yourself

Bud Anderson Story

In the music industry, competition isn't just for gigs but for agents as well. "Agents basically work for free until they get commissioned on a show," says Bud Anderson, founder of "So it's hard to invest in a brand-new artist."

Anderson, 34, created as a sister company to Prince SF, the agency he already owned that couldn't handle all the talent coming its way. His new company takes a different approach, allowing artists to hire agents to make cold calls, pitching their acts for $1.50 per call. At the end of the minimum 100-call run, the artist gets a color-coded spreadsheet detailing each call and contact information. It's more than telemarketing, Anderson explains--bands still face a strict review process, but the shortened relationship allows more talent through the door.

Startup was simple. With the agency infrastructure already in place, Anderson paid $50 for a web domain and programmed the site himself. He opened separate phone lines and a bank account, and he hired three agents. As IHB's business jumped--from sales of $175,000 in 2004 to $500,000 for 2005--the agency expanded into larger offices and hired additional staff.

Anderson describes his marketing as "very grass roots." After an initial run with 10 artists, word spread like wildfire. Says Anderson, "I knew there was demand for representation but didn't realize it could be quite so high."

The Music Business: How YOU Can Make $500,000.00 (or More) a Year in the Music Industry by Doing it Yourself!