Sunday, July 22, 2012

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Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, I’m sure you will agree, photography isn’t bound to go out of style, not by a long shot and definitely not in the distant future. Mainly, it is because photography immortalizes moments that the human memory will never be able to capture forever. Now, photography is an art, too. While it’s true that it is simply capturing something that already exists, when you look at a photograph, you also look at the way the photographer chooses to frame and present his photo to ultimately spin the photograph into an art form.

It is because of the artistic nature of photography that different brands and makes of camera lenses have been introduced to the market, all aimed at allowing photographers to generate varying results in terms of a photograph’s sharpness and other parameters.

Sergey Borodin, the brains behind, aims to make the site the biggest online data repository regarding everything photo lenses. is a virtual place where photographers hang out, discuss and review photo lenses and view actual photographs taken using a particular lens. Backed by supporting documents, personal experience or other online resources, users themselves upload news, articles, photos and reviews into the site. In addition, photographers have the option to buy and sell lenses and other photographic equipment.

For two years now, Borodin, a professional photographer himself, has been running a similar site in the Russian language via

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