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SocialEngine - Create Your Own Social Network

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Have you ever envied Mark Zuckerberg and wished that you concocted the idea of making a website that will interconnect people? If your answer is yes, then you need not fret. It is not yet too late to embed your mark on the social networking community. With the entrance of SocialEngine, the prospect of creating a community based on your personal preferences, themes and style, and the functions that you would want your community members to enjoy.

The social networking phenomenon was the catalyst that drove Alex Benzer and Charlotte Genevier to create Social Engine. In 2007, Benzer and Genevier observed that there are no competent tools that cater to the rising demand of social networking sites and its developers. After four years, Social Engine has been updated to its fourth version. With this information, you are assured that the tools and features will be continually updated and contemporary. The SocialEngine team is always developing new ways of improving th e online community experience.

The founders of SocialEngine met in Los Angeles while studying high school. They started with minimal resources and had nobody to guide them in the right direction. According to Alex Benzer, his and Genevier’s inclusion in TechStars, a three-month mentorship program which includes seed funding, played a major role in helping their company reach its present status. It was through TechStars that they fostered connections with the leading executives in the business. After completing the TechStars program, the two of them started their own company, Webligo, which they dubbed as a start-up incubator. With the sales of two of their earlier projects, Alex and Charlotte conceptualized a new product they dubbed as “SocialEngine”.

Alex Benzer, co-founder of SocialEngine, describes the software as a white-label, community platform. He likens SocialEngine to Wordpress; but, instead of providing a repository for blog posts, it gi ves users the capacity to host niche communities through its own service. The consumer is given the PHP source code, upon purchase, which allows him or her to customize his online community according to his or her preferences, design aesthetic, and etc. Although SocialEngine’s design can be described as having a simpler Facebook look, Alex Benzer promises that his team is working on updating SocialEngine to become software that successfully merges the best features of Pinterest and Reddit. SocialEngine has already sold 6,500 licenses to date.

Along with SocialEngine, the company also has an intrinsic licensing business which obtained $1.4 million in earnings last year. This financial success gave the company funding to develop another innovative product called FanMix. FanMix is a tool which enables you to find and join conversations that might be interesting to you.

From two young bootstrappers, Webligo Developments has evolved into a team of te n programmers. In the course of four years, Benzer and Genevier created successful startup projects and aggregated large amounts of profit, specifically from SocialEngine and their hosting service. (SocialEngine coupons, discounts and promodeals can be found here)

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Site of the day -, world's first risk free naming agency

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