Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You Have Nerves To Date?

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As the stigma of online dating has faded dramatically, we have seen range of innovative approaches to matching singles. For example, we recently reported on DuoDater’s approach, which teams single friends up to arrange double dates with each other’s support. Now, Nerve Dating uses conversation prompts and live chat rather than requiring users to fill out a profile.

Where many dating sites require users to detail their vital statistics and personality, Nerve Dating aims to make users’ decisions more meaningful than a quick scan over a potential partner’s information and photos. On the website, daters fill out the gender, age and proximity range of their desired match. From here they can fill out a traditional profile or instantly share with others what they did last night, prompting a conversation much like it could happen at a real-life social gathering. Users can also react to others’ stories from the previous evening, immediately creating conversations around a common interest, for example.

Currently available in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with plans to expand to Chicago, Boston, Washington, Seattle and Austin, Nerve Dating aims to combine some of the best elements of online and offline dating. An approach for your neck of the woods?

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