Monday, January 23, 2012

Regreen Corp

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What it does: Energy savings for businesses
Founders: Sean Neman, 25; Kevin Refoua, 25; and David Duel, 24 (Pictured left to right)
Based: Los Angeles
Revenue 2011: $15 million

David Duel and Sean Neman, business students at the University of Southern California, started Regreen with their friend Kevin Refoua in 2008 to convince business owners that going green could be profitable. Backed by $400,000 raised from family and friends, ReGreen audits companies to identify ways they can lower energy costs and then provides engineering and construction teams to install enhancements such as reduced-flow toilets and low-energy lighting. “Most companies don’t have the in-house expertise to understand how to integrate these new technologies,” Duel says. ReGreen has worked with about 3,000 clients, including property managers such as Douglas Emmett and Transwestern. ReGreen now has about 110 full-time employees and Duel says its next big push will be designing, engineering, and installing solar power systems.

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Site of the day -, world's first risk free naming agency

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