Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - New Version

We’ve finally upgraded to include more options and to make the whole process easier for both clients and contributors.

The biggest change is that is no longer about domains only. You can now use for names and slogans as well. The service remains risk-free and our principles have not changed. Our clients have requested this option on multiple occasions and we are happy to oblige.

E-mail notifications for both clients and contributors. Clients can now choose to be notified when their orders receive new suggestions. Likewise, contributors can be notified when a new order becomes available. Also, contributors can be notified when their suggestions change status (Liked, Disliked, Picked). You can access notification options by clicking your user name and then Edit tab.

There are now more feedback options for both clients and contributors. Clients can now ban contributors whose suggestions are too poor.

Ranking system for contributors. This is a major innovation, so the ranking system will be explained in details later on. Here is what you need to know. All contributors now receive a rank, 1 through 5, 1 being advanced, 5 being rookie. This is important, because we are moving away from a 50/50 split. Our best contributors will now receive 60% of the total order amount, while beginners will start at 40%. This is done intentionally, to encourage our best contributors to be more active. This activity will be rewarded with more money.

This is how your ranking system is calculated. If your suggestion is picked, you get a major boost. If client bans you, you get negative points. The system will also track now many suggestions you’ve submitted and know many of those are marked as liked or disliked. This is important. You’ll get BETTER ranking if you submit FEWER suggestions but of HIGHER quality. If you submit only 10 suggestion and 2 of those are liked, you’ll get more points than a person who submitted 100 suggestions with 2 likes. So think before you submit – does this suggestion have a good chance of being liked?

TOS and FAQ. We now have semi-formal TOS and FAQ sections. A couple of years ago somebody (most likely our competitors) has started spreading rumors that we are a scam. We get frequent e-mails from wannabe contributors who tell us, ‘I want to join, but I’ve read here that you are a scam’. Even worse, some contributors who submitted suggestions that did not get picked seem to interpret this as proof that we are a scam. This nonsense has to stop, so read TOS and FAQ, if you are concerned about this or other issues. We’ve been in business for 4 years, have 1000+ paying clients and hundreds of contributors who got paid. We are 100% legit.

Openness. We’ve been quite busy with this upgrade, so we had to limit communication options to support form only, because it takes time to respond to each comment, fight spam, etc. Now we can finally open comments, so you guys can tell us what you think about our new system, what works, what does not, which features you’d like to get implemented, ask us questions, etc. Feel free to do that.

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