Saturday, February 09, 2008

Moonjar Moneybox Success Story

What's the best thing to do with money: Spend it, save it or give it away?

The ideal answer, says Eulalie Scandiuzzi, is to recognize the importance of all three. That's why she created colorful children's banks with three compartments: spend, save and share.

Too many families, she said, either don't talk about money at all or discuss it as an obstacle, the reason they can't do certain things.

"I wanted something that brought the conversation to the dinner table in a fun way, so money would became a 'yes' conversation rather than a 'no' conversation," said Scandiuzzi, executive director of a family foundation and a past director of Coyote Central, which offers life-skill experiences to middle-school students.

Since the bank's debut in 2002, more than 1 million Moonjars have been sold — credit unions, banks and charities give them away — and the product line continues to expand into books and games to spark family conversation.

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