Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scrapbooks As Home Business

If you're an avid scrapbooker like Horiuchi-Yvkoff, and you hear that a friend is pregnant, it's only natural to think a pregnancy scrapbook would make a great gift. "But you kind of had to buy three things: an album, a diary and a memorabilia box," Horiuchi-Yvkoff said.

Her observation was shared by Vardeny, her partner in an event-planning business, so the two set about designing and producing a 105-page book with pages and pockets to accommodate an expectant mother's thoughts, photos, correspondence and other keepsakes.

They gave it a faux-suede cover available in four different colors, placed ads on Google and marketed it every way they could think of. "We get rejected every day, but for every five rejections we may get one yes, and that one yes could be a big break," Horiuchi-Yvkoff said.

Recent additions to the line include pregnancy announcements and thank-you cards, and now Horiuchi-Yvkoff is actually putting one of the books to use: She's expecting her first child in November.

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