Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Five Books You Have To Read If You Want To Be A Master Copywriter

1. Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising, written by a copywriting legend and a multimillionaire Eugene Schwartz is the most expensive book on copywriting you can possibly buy. It's the best one, too. This book is very rare, you can hardly find it anymore. Most likely, you'll have to buy a used copy.

2. How to Write a Good Advertisement

This is a very overlooked book which touches on a little bit of everything, from soup-to-nuts, about writing copy and placing ads. I'm not sure why it isn't mentioned as much as the more well-known classics like the Ogilvy and Hopkins material is, because it should be. Although the book was written in 1962, it reads like it was written earlier perhaps that's why it's often not cited by the greats. Even if you're already a professional, the book will serve you well to stir up some good ideas maybe even for that promotion you're working on right now.

3. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word

Sugarman's written an instant classic with this well-crafted copywriting resource. It's on the short list of copywriting books (along w/Bly, Collier, Ogilvy, Caples etc) that's a must-read foundation piece for any copywriter or other sales professional. Going deep into the specific mechanics of how to craft winning pitches, Sugarman's brilliance shows through in this, as in his other 2 must-get books as well. Sugarman's a pro, well worth learning from. Excellent pitch and well paced writing style, the Sugarman chute is a classic and this, along with his other books, are immensely powerful and useful resources - grab your copy now!

4. The Ultimate Sales Letter

DO NOT attempt to write a sales letter without first reading THE ULTIMATE SALES LETTER by Dan Kennedy. Sure, I know, you're a good writer and you can probably construct a pretty good letter on your own. But along the way, you're bound to make a few mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Or, your letter wont be nearly as good, or effective, as it could have been. You might be able to survive quarterbacking an NFL game on your own, but if John Elway or Joe Montana were on the sidelines offering up advice, wouldn't you take it? Highly successful sales letter copywriter, Dan Kennedy, reveals in concise detail, the twenty-eight steps he uses to construct sales letters. Beyond that, there is a section describing the effective uses of sales letters, a section on sequencing, and a final section on electronic sales letters. Even if you are commercial writer who may not be doing much in the way of sales letters, you will still learn valuable and applicable techniques.

5. Million Dollar Mailings

This book is a MASSIVE collection of Direct Response Sales Letters that are not, good, not great, but CONTROLS, proven to pull in orders of at least $1000000. Any copywriter or business owner who wants to continuously improve their ability to write outstanding direct response advertising copy will find this book to be of incredible value.

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