Friday, November 10, 2006

How To Make Money With Tasty Golf Tees

Yet another crazy business idea I couldn't pass on.

Tasty Golf Tees, LLC Press Release

After making a putt, while walking to the next hole, many players take a fresh tee out of their bag...and put it in their mouth. What if that tee had some flavor?

Tasty Golf Tees are made from all natural uncoated wood, then sanitized and flavored for long-lasting taste. Imagine a golf tee that tasted like mint, cherry, grape, or vanilla? In the future, millions of golfers will be adding some flavor to their game.

Players say they enjoy Tasty Golf Tees while riding in the cart…while waiting to tee it up…in the clubhouse…even in the car on the way home. Other players say they’re great for curbing smoking or snacking. One player even said it’s a great way to tell if you’re a little tense on the first tee or on the putting green. Whatever the reason, it is always a good time to enjoy a Tasty Golf Tee.

Tasty Golf Tees are currently available in Cherry or Mint flavor, with a variety of new flavors coming soon. Tasty Golf Tees come in 3 1/4” length for those oversized drivers. They play and look just like regular wooden golf tees, except you can enjoy them before you put them in the ground.

The Tasty Golf Tee was invented by John Packes and Ramon E. Peralta Jr. John is an inventor and product developer who has filed over 60 patents; Ramon is a Creative Director and inventor at a Fairfield County development company. Together, they have been in product development for over 14 years.

John and Ramon would always find themselves with a golf tee in their mouth, while waiting to tee up or waiting for that slow group to get off the fairway (we’ve all been there). Being inventors, problem solvers, and marketers by nature, John once asked, “what if these tees were flavored?”

With the prospect of actually creating a tee that would be sanitized and safe to put in your mouth, these two entrepreneurs decided to bring Tasty Golf Tees to life. Early market testing of Tasty Golf Tees has resulted in praise and exceptional pre-market feedback.

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