Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

Edon Moyal Story

Back in high school, Edon Moyal simply loved to yell “Who’s your daddy?” on the football field, at parties and when greeting classmates, but enterprising buddy Dan Fleyshman saw business potential in the popular phrase, suggesting in 1999 that they emblazon it on T-shirts. The venture seemed promising when their first 100 shirts sold out in just hours at school. After graduation, the pals found a manufacturer and set out to get their line carried at major retailers. When a big-time deal fell apart in 2001, Moyal and Fleyshman were forced to halt the business temporarily so they could work to pay back the family and friends who had invested in their idea.

In 2002, a bit older and wiser, Moyal and Fleyshman were ready to pursue Who’s Your Daddy again--this time with help from a friend’s father, who had a background in the apparel business and agreed to come onboard as director of development. He successfully landed their Who’s Your Daddy-branded clothing line in Kohl’s and Mervyn’s stores, and even inked a three-year licensing deal in Europe.

“We saw [that] the name has much more brand recognition than just apparel,” explains Moyal, who oversees in-house licensing of the trademarked Who’s Your Daddy brand on hundreds of products ranging from greeting cards to barbecue grill sets. The company’s commitment to building brand awareness has the Who’s Your Daddy logo popping up just about everywhere--from the logo-wrapped car they sponsored on the Nascar speedway to the phone booths adorned with Who’s Your Daddy advertisements in and around Orange County, California. Sponsoring events like car shows and rodeos also helps them promote recognition of the brand.

After a friend suggested they look into the growing energy-beverage market a year ago, the partners’ business took a new turn. Moyal and Fleyshman developed a special concoction: a cranberry-pineapple formula that’s outsourced to production facilities. Dubbed “King of Energy,” the drink, available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide, has since become a major focus of the business. A green tea flavor has even been added to the mix.

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