Saturday, October 21, 2006

How To Make Money With Sign Language

Diane Ryan Story

Diane Ryan received her undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Nazareth College of Rochester and worked with children with communication disorders in New York State schools for six years.

Two years ago, she saw there was a great interest in teaching sign language to hearing babies. "The benefits are extraordinary," says Diane, "A baby who signs is less frustrated, speaks earlier than a non-signing baby, becomes a better reader and has a higher IQ".

She started her business, Kindersigns, by offering workshops in Orlando, Florida. All the workshops were continuously fully booked. "If I could be successful locally," thought Diane, "Why not go worldwide?". She then decided to take the materials and adapted them to online learning. Thus, her website was born.

Once she had achieved success with the online sales, she decided to share her knowledge and expertise and recently created a business opportunity so that others could make a living teaching sign language to babies. She started marketing a Kindersign instructor business opportunity for $149 and had great success with it.

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