Saturday, February 10, 2007

How To Make Money With Software Reviews

David Dill Story

What’s the idea behind your site?

The idea is really simple. Review software and get paid. We are not a revenue sharing site, not a contest site, we actually pay anywhere between a dollar and fifty dollars for every review we publish. That’s the twist. If we publish your review, you get the money.

Do you have many reviewers?

We have over 1000 reviewers, but most reviewers submit only one review, just to test the system. We probably have less then 50 folks who submit to us regularly and do it ‘for money’, rather than fun.

What’s your business model?

The business model is really simple. Reviews give us search engine traffic. I monetize this traffic in four ways. First, I have AdSense ads. Second, I have affiliate links for every software title on SoftwareJudge.Com. So when a visitor decides to buy software, I get my commission. Third, I sell links and traffic to online software stores, who need to rank high for a certain software title. Finally, occasionally software developers approach me to post their brand new software on the site so that they get reviews they can use for marketing purposes. I charge them for that. At the end of the month, I take 75% of all revenues and allocate it to next month’s review fund, keeping the rest for myself.

What’s the most any of your reviewers got?

Fifty bucks for a single review. But I’ve just got a boost from Google in search engine rankings, I’m sure that as site gets more and more visitors, reviewers will be able to make more than that. We are only happy to pay, because good reviews are very hard to come by. People search for good reviews and they love good review sites. Personally, I think that most reviews posted at SoftwareJudge.Com suck. There just aren’t that many good reviewers. I hope that changes soon.

How does one become a reviewer?

It’s all automated. You register at the site, browse through software titles and write a review for software you used before. We have trial versions for every single software title, so that our visitors don’t need to buy software to actually review it. That wouldn’t be fair. I then read reviews and either approve them or delete. Here are the Rules

OK, thank you for the interview.

Thank you for pimping SoftwareJudge.Com

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