Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Business Name Ideas Come From …

Coming up with a name for your new company or domain name for your new venture may seem like an impossible task – you’ve already thought about hundred different names, but they are all boring. All the good domain names are taken long ago or being sold for thousands of dollars. You were never the creative type. Excuses, excuses, excuses. In fact, business name ideas are actually fairly easy to come up with, if you use these tools

1. Crowdsourcing

PickyDomains is the most famous crowdsourcing naming service thanks to a unique business model adopted – unlike naming agencies that charge thousands of dollars upfront, with PickyDomains you pay ONLY if you decide to use on the name or ideas suggested by their contributors. So you don’t pay anything if you did not like anything, as simple as that. And if PickyDomains came up with a perfect company name or domain for it – all you pay is $50. That’s something even the most cash strapped business can afford.

2. Brainstorming 2.0

Have you ever heard about social intranet or private social networks? If not, head over to, which can be described as brainstorming on steroids. Bitrix24 offers a number of idea management tools – workgroups, polls, activity stream, group chats, videoconferencing – all of which can be used to generate ideas, evaluate them and vote on the final decision. The basic features in Bitrix24 (including all I just mentioned) are 100% free. Unlike PickyDomains, where others come up with business name ideas for you, Bitrix24 works only if you invite your friends, family members, co-workers or clients to come brainstorm with you.

3. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Haraka means fast in Swahili. Ixchel is a Mayan goddess of fertility. Belka and Strelka are the names of soviet space dogs that were the first to return from space (Laika, on the other hand, was not so lucky). So if you are launching a new dog treat or dog walking business, you no longer have to limit your thinking to paws, tails, bones and canines. Some of the most quirky name ideas come from obscure facts that you can easily access online, if you know where to look.

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